Friday, April 30, 2010

Nik Kershaw

What do you know about Nik Kershaw?
Let's see... "Wouldn't It Be Good", "The Riddle", The 80s, One-Hit-Wonder. Anything else? No?
Let me help you: Nik Kershaw had huge success with his albums "The Riddle" and "Human Racing", after that his album sales went down. After his less successful album "Radio Musicola" in 1989 he disappeared as musician, but not as a songwriter. Chesney Hawkes "The One And Only", which he wrote and co-produced, went straight to number one in the UK in 1991.
In 1999 he decided to release music again under his own name. The albums "15 Minutes", "To Be Frank", You've Got To Laugh" and the new acoustic CD "No Frills" is something I can recommend warmly.


1983 Human Racing
1984 The Riddle
1986 Radio Musicola
1989 The Works
1999 15 Minutes (listen to: Somebody Loves You, Your Brave Face, What Do You Think Of It So Far, 15 Minutes)
2001 To Be Frank
2005 Then And Now
2006 You've Got to Laugh (listen to: Oh You Beautiful Thing, Loud Confident & Wrong)
2010 No Frills

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