Friday, April 30, 2010

Ron Sexsmith

I found Ron Sexsmith on the internet. The German newspaper SPIEGEL-ONLINE had an article (beware: the article is in german!) about him, they said that Sexsmith is a songwriter and performer, respected by critics, many famous artists like Paul McCartney or Chris Martin (who recorded a duet version of Sexsmiths song "Gold In Them Hills" with him) and music lovers, but unknown to the pop masses. That made me curious and I started to listen to his songs...

Sexsmith is from Canada, he started to write songs after the birth of his first child. His voice reminds the listener of Elvis Costello.
Some people would say he sounds a bit whiny. But some would say his songs are mellow and marvelous. I (and my girlfriend) say they are pure bliss.

Ron Sexsmith recorded to date eleven albums since his first proper record in 1991. I linked my recommendations in his discography below.


1991: Grand Opera Lane
1995: Ron Sexsmith
1997: Other Songs
1999: Whereabouts
2001: Blue Boy
2002: Cobblestone Runway
2003: Rarities
2004: Retriever (listen to: Imaginary Friends, From Now On, Whatever It Takes, Happiness)
2005: Destination Unknown
2006: Time Being (listen to: Hands Of Time, All In Good Time)
2008: Exit Strategy of the Soul (listen to: This Is How I Know, Brandy Alexander, Brighter Still)

If you want to listen to him live (I had the chance to go to one of his concerts), try this collection of songs:

Ron Sexsmith - Live Collection

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