Monday, June 28, 2010

Hotel Lights

Do you know Darren Jessee? No? Maybe you know Ben Folds Five!
Darren was the drummer of BFF. And not just since Phil Collins we know that drummers can be successful as solo artists. And no, Darren does NOT sound like Phil. He also does not sound like Ben Folds Five.

After the split of Ben Folds Five not only Folds continued as solo artist, also Darren. His first self titled album Hotel Lights was released in 2004. The even better Goodnightgoodmorning EP and his standout second album Firecracker People followed soon.
To describe his music lets say it's melancolic, intense and would be a good soundtrack for autumn.

  • Hotel Lights (2004)
  • Goodnightgoodmorning EP (2006)
  • Firecracker People (2008)

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