Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pelle Carlberg

Sometimes I stumble upon songs and records I forgot about for a long time - and I rediscover them. A few days ago it hit me with Pelle Carlberg. And it hit me with a high impact.

Pelle Carlberg was born in Uppsala / Sweden in 1969. He played in bands since 1985, mostly known is Edson

After the last record of Edson in 2003 he released 3 full solo records and 2 EPs from 2005 to 2008.
For a start I recommend his solo debut "Eveything.Now!". 
Carlberg combines catchy and intimate pop with sharp lyrics. Someone (not sure, where I read it) said about him: "He sounds like Belle & Sebastian, but writes like Morrissey". I think that fits on one hand quite well and on the other hand it's quite a compliment. 

Cover artwork for the first record "Everything.Now!"

  • Go to Hell, Miss Rydell EP (2005)
  • Riverbank EP (2005) 
  • Everything. Now! (2005) 
  • In a Nutshell (2007) 
  • The Lilac Time (2008) 
Closing remarks:
Pelle Carlberg's "Riverbank" music video can also be seen in the video game titled "The Darkness". During gameplay, interacting with the TVs will allow you to watch this music video, which constantly loops on the "alternative" channel. 
And that's how I discovered him. I don't think this happened to me with any artist. So thank you, "The Darkness".

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  1. Is there a way of contacting you (email, etc) - don't see on your blog site. I run Kool Kat Musik, a power pop label/mailorder site and wanted to make you aware of two new releases that you may want to consider for review on your very cool blog.